Montana Ranches ServicesBuyer’s Agent:  We offer “Buyer’s Agency”. The Buyer’s Agency Contract commits us to complete obligation to the Buyer. We act solely in the Buyer’s best interest and research the information on potential real estate purchases as well as find available properties to fit the Buyer’s needs. We safeguard the Buyer’s information and assist through till completing the purchase.

Seller’s Agent:  Commonly known as “Listing”. As the Seller’s agent, we are obligated to the Seller exclusively. We act in the Seller’s best interest. We keep the Seller’s informed, act in confidential skill to market Seller’s property, and continue through closing.

1031 Exchanges:  1031 is a tax code that allows and exchange of equity in an income producing property to another property. Thus deferring capital gains tax.

1031 exchange is an important and valuable tool. But strict IRS rules must, repeat MUST, be followed.

The Team at Montana Ranches are well versed on exchanges and can walk you through, as well as, continue with you through the exchange.

If there is an aspect of the exchange process that is unfamiliar or new, we know the facilitator that can advise and continue the exchange.

Market Analysis and/or Land Valuation:  An evaluation of a specific parcel of real estate. We often are asked to place a value on a property for a client. Many times it’s for an estate or a small loan.

We are not appraisers; thus the market valuation is for purposes other than completing a full blown appraisal.

Lender Referrals:  As a service, we can arrange or recommend a lender to fit the needs of financing for your investment.